Ha Giang Motorbike Rental Honda Blade vanh duc 110 Cc $ 9.2 VND 220.000/ Day Call/ WhatsApp +84975874987


Price:$  $9.2 VND 220.000/Day

For Damage insurance is 70.000/ day if you needed 

Call or WhatsApp to Book +84975874987


Email: info@motorbiketourshanoi.com


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Why Our Price why your should choose this bike  

- why you need to choose this honda blade Vanh Duc, vanh duc honda balde much more expeneive than Van Thuong, Vanh duc honda blade it stronger and more powerful and aslo best for ha Giang Road, and it good for you to ride 2 people on the back , much stronger than Vanh Thuong 

We offer new bike and hight quality, our bike use only 1,5 years we change and buy new one , we want to keep it strong and good bike allway so our price will be on above


Why you ride this Automatic semi  Honda blade 


For this motorbike for rent as we know that this is one of the good automatic  semi change gear from foot, mostly local people ahve small size use this bike, it cheap to buy also easy to meantain and very much save money you use 3 day maybe only need to pay 3 usd to 4 usd it so cheap right it very strong if you flaxible to change gear, it much suitable for any of you want to save money to use this one, but it not for the rocky or off road


Our service: as you know our company have 300 bike for rental we have support at many places in Ha Giang, if bike have any problem you can call us we ahve people come to help to fix or change the bike for you as many company can not do it Ha Giang Motorbike Rental will be trusting place for you to rental 


Ha Giang semi automatic Honda 



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