Ha Giang Scooter Rental Honda Air Blade 125 cc $12 Vnd 280.000/ Day Call/ WhatsApp +84975874987


Price:$  $12 VND 280.000/DAY


Call or WhatsApp to Book +84975874987


Email: info@motorbiketourshanoi.com


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Why you ride this Automatic Honda Airblade 

For this motorbike for rent as we know that this is one of the best automatic motorbike in vietnam we have , it very much suitable for mountain road, also save much petrol than another bike, and really strong, one of the strongest automatic motorbike , we test many timie with the road in Ha Giang we find the most suitbale for Motorbike for the most suitable for Ha Giang, that why we officail invest to buy this bike for rental Honda Airblade 125 cc


Why Honda automatic air Blade 125 cc  : we know that not every one can ride manoul bike or pay for Motorcycle bigger bike for more expensive and not every one tall enough to ride XR 150 CC so we offer this Motorbike suitable for the poeple size and also money good enough cound pay for rental, and for you can ride easy automatic no need you have so much skill to ride to handle it so easy to ride, and for this motorbike we sure that easy and strong for you guy to ride and suitable for woman, for lady recommend you to choose easy bike if you like automatic thos one seem be the best one in vietnam 


Our service: as you know our company have 300 bike for rental we have support at many places in Ha Giang, if bike have any problem you can call us we ahve people come to help to fix or change the bike for you as many company can not do it Ha Giang Motorbike Rental will be trusting place for you to rental  

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