Ha GianG Motorbike rental, We offer you rent all any kind of bike you can choose one of the best suitable bike for you, we offer you to rent our bike start from Ha Giang ride to Cao bang and drop off in Cao Bang even Ba be, or your trip plan to ride from Ha Giang to Sapa and drop off the bike in sapa 

Rent our motorbike in Ha Giang will be so much convenience for you guy to ride, 

for the bike you can choose it here the price and the bike we have

you can contact us to have more detail of rental 

make a quick request could be call or whatsApp +84975874987 



Ha Giang Motorcycle Rental Honda XR 150 cc $24 VND 550.000/ Day Call/ whatsApp +84975874987

best seller

Price: $ 24 Vnd 550.000/ Day Call or whatsApp to Book +84975874987 Ha Giang Motorcycle Rental XR 150cc one of the best Motorcycle to ride in Ha Giang,XR 150 cc suitable for your tall, and XR 150 cc suitable for you ride though the jungle, trail road, rocky road, off road, dirt road, it easy to ride as well, we provide all new one, for this bike you can rental longer day trip t ...

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Ha Giang Motorbike Rental Honda Blade 110 Cc $ 7.5 VND 180.000/ Day Call/ WhatsApp +84975874987
best seller

Price: 6.5 VND 150.000/ Day Call or WhatsApp To Book +84975874987 For Honda Blade is one of the bike local people use it strong And Semi Automatic have Gear you need change the gear on foot make it powerfull and get strong for you to ride in Ha Giang Roads it strong mostly we choose this bike for you have basic ride and see the main sight of Ha giang not off road, but can use ...

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Ha Giang Motorbike Rental Honda CB Venra 150 cc $19 VND 450.000/ Day Call/ WhatsApp +84975874987
best seller

$ 19 Vnd 450.000/ Day Call Or WhatsApp to Book +84975874987 Honda CB Venra Manual Bike 150 cc one of the most interesting bike, easy to ride new style suitable for any kind of the road in Ha Giang, can use for off road, dirt road, and rocky road, and new style, save petrol and strong, you can use to carry one person on the back bike still very strong for you, to company this o ...

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Ha Giang Motorcycle Rental Suzuki En 150 cc $19.5 Vnd 450.000/ Day Call/ WhatsApp +84975874987

Price: $ 19,5 vnd 450.000/ Day Call Or WhatsApp to Book +84975874987 Suzuki En the second best Motorcycle we provide to ride in Ha Giang, you can use for off road, dirt road, muddy road, trail, and many places scooter can not ride in Ha Giang Loop so this bike it good to ride up to the rocky mountain as well, and this bike also suitable for you guy smaller size and not really t ...

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Ha Giang Motorbike Rental Suzuki HJ 125 cc $16 VND 380.000/ Person Call/ WhatsApp +84975874987

Price: $16 vnd 380.000/ Day Call or whatsApp to book +84975874987 Ha Giang Motorbike Rental off this Motorbike for you to rent for who want to ride manual motorbike and small amount of money and also live to ride manual, this Suzuki Hj it easy to ride, and strong and power, not compara with XR 150cc but it good and powerfull enough for you to ride some off road, rocky road and ...

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Ha Giang Motorbike Rental Suzuki GD 110 cc $14 VND 320.000/ Day Call/ WhatsApp +84975874987

Price $ 13 VND 310.000/ Day Call Or WhatsApp to Book +84975874987 Ha Giang Motorbike rental offer this bike 110 CC YAMAHA GD This motorbike smaller than another bike on the above, if you like to ride manual bike and you real have small size like vietnamese that is good for you guy, not for off road, but you could try we sure that it strong and power, it look small but as our ex ...

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Ha Giang Scooter Rental Honda Air Blade 125 cc $12 Vnd 280.000/ Day Call/ WhatsApp +84975874987

$12 VND 280.000/ Day Call or WhatsApp to Book +84975874987 Ha Giang Motorbike Rental off you one of the strongest automatic honda Air blade bike, as you know this automatic motorbike is one of the strongest motorbike most suitable for mountain road, strong and easy to ride, also saving petrol, suitable for Ha Giang Road, if you looking for good automatic motorbike we hightly re ...

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Ha Giang Motorbike Rental Honda Wave $ 6.7 vnd 150.000/ Day

$6.7 vnd 150.000/ day This bike super nice for you to ride solo and easy to rider, strong and power can use good for mountain road, and save much petrol onlt 100 cc, and suitable for you guy like small bike, ha giang motorbike rental recommend you to rent this bike for you have great travel around ha giang

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Ha Giang Motorbike rental Sirius Semic 110 cc $6.5 VND 150.000/ Day

$6.5 Vnd 150.000/ Day Call or whatsApp to Book +84975874987 Ha Giang Motorbike rental Sirius 110 cc Ha Giang Motorbike rental, Ha Giang Motorcycle Rental, Ha Gaing Motorbike for rent, Ha Giang Scooter for rent , Ha Giang Motorcycle for rent, Ha Giang Motorbike rental , rental Motorbike in Ha Giang, Ha Giang Motorbike rental

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  Mr. Khang – Director 

Mr Khang was born in Ha Giang from small village on the top of the mountain, i am a ethnic minority in Ha Giang, my minority is TAY the live  in my village very poor  of over 10 years ago, Khang  Love tourism then Khang Decited study tourism be come a tour guide - so am I graduated tourism university in 2008 and had over 10 years work as a tour guide in all over vietnam and also being motorcycle tour guide and office tour operator. now i see my countryside in Ha Giang so beautiful landscape motorbike must be the best way to see landscape, and motorbike can ride through some road as car can not come though, and Khang Also want to bring good Job for local people and handle for a lot of poor people from my village so that why motorbike tours Ha Giang born today, i hope my story will come to you and you will come with my tour, i am write in english not so well but i can speak for you understand all of my english 

Mr Khang - Ceo - Fouder



Tour Team 


Ms Van Manager of sale marketing 



Thuy Sale Executive , thuy Graduate from tourisum unuversity and been working long time at toursm and she understand all thing about ninh binh tour, Thuy she will have best suggestion for you if you have and request 


Ms Vi is Customer care and help you any information if you have any request for anothet tour good english speaking 


Mr Thai Tour operator suport tour guide and driver and book hotel and all service 

This Oanh our Sale Executive Oanh graduate at tourism university and be tour guide for 3 years and get a lot of experience and Oanh also looking for authentic travel experience and Oanh decited come to work fo us asle Sale Executive and product, we have the same thought that why Oanh come to work with us 

Ms Quynh Operation 

Ms Phuong is Marketing online 

Mr Khuyen Our product manager 

 Mr PHONG sale marketing offline 

Mr Tien is Admin website and marketing online 

Our team easy riders and tour guide 


Tour guide and riders 


Team Ha Giang Motorcycle Tour 

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